The Kick with Yanin Jeeja

The Kick

It seems the most action packed movies are coming out of Thailand these days!  Naturally, I was pretty pumped to watch ‘The Kick’ after hearing that Yanin Jeeja was in it, but she only plays a supporting role. So in this film, a precious Thailand treasure has been returned to the Thai government.  Naturally a… Keep Reading

52 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know about Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

So rumor has it you know more about Bruce Lee than anyone you know, right? That’s one thing every Bruce Lee fanatic in the world is good at, it’s hunting down as much specific detail about the man they idolize and finding out as much about him as possible. But it doesn’t matter how much… Keep Reading

Bruce Lee / Chen Zhen vs the Karate School

Bruce Lee Chen Zhen

Another highly regarded fight by Bruce will this week’s video – Chen Zhen fighting the Japanese Karate School in Fist of Fury (aka Chinese Connection). This is another great fight scene which shows a variety of ranges and moves and even some nice Nunchaku work – which was one Bruce’s favorite weapons. This scene is… Keep Reading

Zu Warriors

Here’s a classic from the 80’s!  It’s a wire fu Hong Kong action movie mixed with mysticism and in your face special effects to create one hell of an experience! It all starts out with guy named Ti (Yuen Biao).  Ti heads to his two leaders with information during war.  The two leaders argue and… Keep Reading

Love on Delivery with Stephen Chow

Love on Delivery

Stephen Chow brings us another funny kung fu comedy, this time being 1994’s Love on Delivery. Chow plays a coward and weakling delivery boy named Ho-Kam Ang.  During one of his deliveries he walks into a Judo club where a young girl and her instructor are arguing.  The girl, whose name is Lily (played by… Keep Reading

The 7 Grandmasters

The master

Another old skool Taiwan Kung Fu movie from the 80’s is upon us. On the surface the premise seems simple, a Kung Fu master by the name of Sang Kuan Chun is celebrating his title as champion across the land, but is also an older masterwho plans to retire.  But a letter is found during… Keep Reading

The Matrix “I know Kung Fu”

Neo Morpheous

The Matrix was a cool-ass movie.  The thought, at least to me, of being able to simply downlaod Kung Fu into your brain and use it was incredibly intriguing. This scene is the initial fight between Morpheous and Neo, directly after Neo has ‘installed’ several martial arts into his brain. It’s a cool scene and… Keep Reading

Enter the Fat Dragon with Sammo Hung

Enter the Fat Dragon

Fans of Sammo and fans of Bruce can unite as we get to see Sammo Hung’s take on the legendary Bruce Lee – by way of parody! Sammo Hung plays Ah Lung, a young kid and Bruce Lee fanatic who has to move to the big city and help his uncle with his cafe/business.  Ah… Keep Reading

Donnie Yen’s Kung Fu Jungle – My Review

Donnie Yen

I love it when Donnie Yen gives us a hint of promise and delivers! The movie starts at a police office where a bloodied up man named Hahou Mo (Donnie Yen) walks in a sits down in front of two officers. He then says “I killed people” and we’re off! It sets a pace and… Keep Reading

Sex & Fury

Sex and Fury movie poster

Sometimes you’ve just gotta combine soft core porn with sword work and martial arts. That’s what the creators of Sex & Fury said anyway. This film plays out exactly as expected, as we see a young woman slicing up guys in the name of revenge! Our main hero is a woman named Ocho, who we’re… Keep Reading

Sleeping Dogs Live Action Short Film

sleeping dogs

  Ever played the video game Sleeping Dogs? Well this is a short film based off that video game and it has some really hard hitting and brutal martial arts action.   It’s extremely well done but has a high level of violence – so not for youngsters  Check it out below!