Rush Hour with Jackie Chan

Chris Tucker and Chan

Rush Hour is one of the movies which helped solidify Jackie Chan’s fame in the US and English speaking countries by introducing a Hong Kong action hero into an American environment, playing on the the contrast between both main characters – Lee played by Jackie Chan and Carter, played by Chris Tucker. It all starts… Keep Reading



Versus is one pretty unique concept for a martial arts film.  Basically it’s like a supernatural Zombie vs Yakuza style action flick that takes place in the woods. So yeah,  it’s a little different. So the introduction lets us know that are 666 portals (nice coincidental number) on earth that connect this world to the… Keep Reading

The Chronicles of Riddick

Chronicles of Riddick

This is another addition to the list which leans more toward ‘general action’ or ‘science fiction’ more so than’martial arts movie’.  But as with the other cases I’ll review it anyway This movie revolves around Vin Diesel’s character ‘Riddick’, following the events of Pitch Black.  Bounty Hunters are on the look out for Riddick and… Keep Reading

Shadowless Sword

Sword fighting

Shadowless Sword is Korean movie featuring some nice sword work and a cool story about a girl who must protect the only remaining prince of a royal family from assassination. It takes place in 926AD when all but the last Prince of the Balhae Kingdom have been assassinated to give power to a new king.… Keep Reading

Samurai III: Duel at Ganryu Island

Miyamoto's strategy

This film is a classic from the 50’s which tells the story of the famous and most revered swordsman in martial arts history: Miyamoto Musashi. This film is the third in the series and tells the audience about his most significant fight, the historic duel between Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro, a powerful swordsman and ronin.… Keep Reading

Michael Jai White vs Scott Adkins (Chambers vs Boyka)

Boyka played by Scott Adkins

Video time again – this time its the movie that brought Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins to the attention of martial arts fans. The amazing fights between Boyka  and Chambers are among some of my personal favorites with the movie itself being an absolute classic.  This fight is the first between Chambers and Boyka and… Keep Reading

Tekken: Blood Vengeance

Tekken Blood Vengeance

If you’re around my age, you no doubt would have heard of played a bit of Tekken as a teenager! The different fighting styles and cool character design will always stick with me, so naturally when I heard of Tekken: Blood Vengeance, and saw how close it looked to the game I had to watch… Keep Reading

Duel to the Death

Duel to the Death

This movie is one of those crazy old skool classic where Kung fu warriors and Ninja’s not only know how to fight but seem to be magical and gravity defying in the most obvious way! Duel to the Death is about a Duel between China’s best and Japan’s best swordsman – all for honor and… Keep Reading

Dragon the Bruce Lee Story


When I was a kid I’d watch this movie over and over – feeling energetic and motivated each and every time! I couldn’t believe some of the things this man did with his life, and then a Bruce Lee fan was born.  The only problem was that in years to come I came to realize… Keep Reading

Bruce Lee Battle with the Guards – Enter the Dragon

Bruce Lee Battle Guards Enter the Dragon

It’s time for another Bruce Lee classic fight scene! Mr Lee finds himself surrounded by guards on Hans Island and whips out his best moves to put them down!  There’s some nice action with a variety of movements and weapons – considered to be some of Bruce’s best work. You’ll see hand to hand, bo staff,… Keep Reading

Falcon Rising

Falcon Rising / Favela / Codename Falcon

‘Falcon Rising‘ or ‘Favela‘ is the first in a new franchise of movies called ‘Codename: Falcon‘ starring Michael Jai White. All I gotta say is get ready for a franchise that could take Michael White further than before! Michael Jai White is a guy nicknamed ‘Falcon’, it’s his old codename from a vaguely touched on military… Keep Reading