Sex & Fury

Sex and Fury movie poster

Sometimes you’ve just gotta combine soft core porn with sword work and martial arts. That’s what the creators of Sex & Fury said anyway. This film plays out exactly as expected, as we see a young woman slicing up guys in the name of revenge! Our main hero is a woman named Ocho, who we’re… Keep Reading

Sleeping Dogs Live Action Short Film

sleeping dogs

  Ever played the video game Sleeping Dogs? Well this is a short film based off that video game and it has some really hard hitting and brutal martial arts action.   It’s extremely well done but has a high level of violence – so not for youngsters  Check it out below!

The Buddhist Fist

Buddhist Fist Poster

This film is a classic from 1980 by Yuen Wo Ping. It’s a story of two childhood friends who grew up learning martial arts together.  Siu Ming is a Buddhist monk while his friend Shang isn’t – just naturally passionate about martial arts. The two grow up and go their separate ways.  While Siu Ling… Keep Reading

Legend of the Fist Music Video

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen is the Man.  So is Bruce Lee.  And Jet Li for that matter… So Bruce Lee was the man to first step into the boots of the Chen Zhen character, followed by Jet Li. In Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen, Donnie Yen returns as Chen Zhen, after the events… Keep Reading

The Master with Jet Li

The Master

Old skool Jet Li!  I really enjoyed this movie. Jet Li plays Jet (coincidence?), a young and slightly dorky Chinese fella who’s arrived in the United States to visit his master.  But when Jet arrives at his Master’s shop, the place is boarded up and his Master is missing. Jet’s Master is layed up in… Keep Reading

So Close with Shu Qi

So Close

This is a Hong Kong action film about two sisters who assassinate people and are generally bad ass (if you’re 13), despite constantly being dressed in white. Shu Qi plays Lynn, the main matrix style hero of the movie.  She steps into a major complex by tricking them into thinking she saved their ‘bullet proof’… Keep Reading

Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan

Shanghai Noon

This is the tale of Roy and the Shanghai Kid from back in the 1880’s, in an East meets West style of film reminiscent of the Kung Fu TV Series – only much, much funnier! Ok, so Jackie Chan plays ‘The Shanghai Kid’, whose real name is Chon Wang (which sounds an awful lot like… Keep Reading

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate with Jet Li

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

Flyign Swords of Dragon Gate is a remake of the original 1966 classic Dragon Gate Inn starring Jet Li.  This particular take on the film expands and creates a larger, more visually stunning universe. The nation is being policed by the East and West Bureas whilst the Emperor’s eunuch’s seem have attained a lot of… Keep Reading

Raging Phoenix with Yanin Jeeja

Raging Phoenix

This serving of Thailand action has a cool style to it and once again shows off the awesome skills of Yanin Jeeja, the female martial arts actor from Chocolate! Jeeja played Deu, a young girl in Thailand with some attitude.  She’s in a metal band and during one of their perfomances finds her boyfriend with… Keep Reading

Rush Hour with Jackie Chan

Chris Tucker and Chan

Rush Hour is one of the movies which helped solidify Jackie Chan’s fame in the US and English speaking countries by introducing a Hong Kong action hero into an American environment, playing on the the contrast between both main characters – Lee played by Jackie Chan and Carter, played by Chris Tucker. It all starts… Keep Reading



Versus is one pretty unique concept for a martial arts film.  Basically it’s like a supernatural Zombie vs Yakuza style action flick that takes place in the woods. So yeah,  it’s a little different. So the introduction lets us know that are 666 portals (nice coincidental number) on earth that connect this world to the… Keep Reading