Donnie Yen vs Wu Jing – Killzone / SPL

wu jing vs donnie yen

This is one of my all time favorite fight scenes – I have trouble not watching it over and over again Martial Arts movie legends Donnie Yen and Wu Jing face off in a Baton to knife fight that has a level of speed and intensity unmatched by other films.  The fight takes off quickly… Keep Reading

The Mystery of Chess Boxing

Mystery of Chess Boxing

It’s time for some more old skool. The ‘Mystery of Chess Boxing’ is a movie form 1979 that also goes by the name of ‘Ninja Checkmate’ – a strange name considering there are no ninjas, just a bit of Chess. So we’re introduced to Ah Pao, a youngster with a keen urge to learn Kung… Keep Reading

John Wick

John Wick Movie Poster

This is the movie everyone’s been raving about!  Keanu Reeves’ latest action thriller John Wick. Ultimately the plot is a simple revenge flick with a bit of a twist. Did they kill his father? Brother? Wife or significant other (boyfriend, husband)? Nope, they killed his new puppy. So John Wick heads out and kills what… Keep Reading

Tony Jaa Restaurant Fight from The Protector

Tony Jaa Restaurant Fight Protector

The Protector has (so far, at time of writing) the best of Tony Jaa’s fights. He takes on not just stunt men but high profile martial artists like Lateef Crowder, Johnny Nguyen and tough man Nathan Jones.  But one of the scenes I enjoy most is the restaurant fight scene. The original ascent of the stairs… Keep Reading

Forbidden City Cop with Stephen Chow

Forbidden City Cop

Do you like slapstick or visual humor?  If you do then chances are you like Stephen Chows’s movies. Well, if you like martial arts movies too – you are on this website! If you’ve caught Kung Fu Hustle or Shaolin Soccer, then you’ve seen some of Chow’s best, but in this case, we’ll go back… Keep Reading

Dragon Lord with Jackie Chan

Dragon Lord

This is another Kung Fu comedy from the early 80’s, this time with the lovable Jackie Chan as Dragon Ho.  This film was originally intended to be a sequel to The Young Master – to be called ‘Young Master in Love’. In the similar style to Jackie’s portrayal of Wong Fei Hung in Drunken Master,… Keep Reading

Ninja in the Dragon’s Den

Ninja in the Dragons Den

I love ninjas.  They’re so damn cool, dressed all in black and jumping out of nowhere and making their kill with one of their various martial arts weapons. Well guess what this movie has in it?  Yeah, Ninjas.  I’m not exactly mysterious in my introduction to this movie, after all the title has the word… Keep Reading

Wu Jing vs Andy On / 3 on 3 Fight from Fatal Contact

Wu Jing vs Andy On

Fatal Contact is just one of those top notch action packed Martial Arts movies.  Without a doubt, it is Wu Jing’s best work (in my opinion, on par with his performance in Killzone) and it demonstrates exactly what he is capable of. This fight is just one of the many exciting fights Fatal Contact has… Keep Reading

The Kid with the Golden Arm

The Kid with the Golden Arm

This film, The Kid with the Golden Arm, is another classic Shaw Brothers film from the 70’s that has some very unique and colorful characters. The movie is about a group led by Yang Yu Heng, who must escort a rather large load of gold to a village full of starving people.  Luckily, the word… Keep Reading

Return of the Street Fighter with Sonny Chiba

Return of the Street Fighter

The dirty fighting and cult violence master himself, Sonny Chiba, is back in The Street Fighter Returns – where he returns as Tsurugi from the first Streetfighter movie. Tsurugi is cleaning himself up, in this film he’s a bit more well mannered, and seems to be fighting for a good cause – to break up… Keep Reading

The Kick with Yanin Jeeja

The Kick

It seems the most action packed movies are coming out of Thailand these days!  Naturally, I was pretty pumped to watch ‘The Kick’ after hearing that Yanin Jeeja was in it, but she only plays a supporting role. So in this film, a precious Thailand treasure has been returned to the Thai government.  Naturally a… Keep Reading