Donnie Yen gets ready to slice his opponent up!

I was excited to watch this film as I’m a huge fan of old skool Donnie Yen.  Hell I like whatever Donnie Yen movies I can get my hands on! Donnie plays Dragon, an ex-cop whose divorced his wife and is looked upon as having an attitude problem. Dragon happens to be seeing his lawyer… Keep Reading

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen has so many movies that are just so freakin’ awesome! When I first started this website, Donnie Yen’s movies were like gold to me, I couldn’t stop watching them as they were so entertaining with some of the best fight choroegraphy I’d ever seen in martial arts movies – and that hasn’t changed! To… Keep Reading

The Expendables 3

The Expendables 3

The Expendables are back! Sly, Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Terry Crews, Randy Couture and Dolph Lundgren.  And of course, Jet Li shows up toward the end to complete the cast! It’s the same crew, the same feel and flow and pretty much the same type of movie as the last two.  There’s nothing really different about… Keep Reading

Legacy of Rage

Legacy of Rage is an early effort by Brandon Lee in Hong Kong to make his way into the movie industry. To sum things up, Brandon Lee plays Brandon Ma who is a young morally upright man with a girlfriend and a pretty decent life.  He has a good friend named Wong who’s father is… Keep Reading

Celebrities with Black Belts

Celebrity Black Belts

Ever wondered which Celebrities out there have a Martial Arts background?  Well I saw this infographic over at and thought it was pretty cool and worth the share.  Check it out!

Merantau Fight Scene


Before the Raid, Iko Uwais did an awesome job bashing guys in Merantau! This movie has a different feel to the Raid but it does have a good level of action.  So for your viewing pleasure and the video of the week, here’s one of the fight scenes from the movie Merantau! Read my review… Keep Reading

Return 36th Chamber

Return to the 46th Chamber is another Shaw Brothers film with Gordon Liu in the forefront, but it is in no way a sequel to the 36th Chamber of Shaolin!  It does share some common events (eg, going to the 36th Chamber of Shaolin to learn Kung Fu) but the edvents and characters are entirely… Keep Reading

Street Fighter Alpha Generations

This is another anime film (sort of, it’s American) based on the Street Fighter alpha video games, once again  it is unrelated any of the events in the other films. This movie starts off by telling us the story of Gouki (whose name should be Akuma, really) as he starts to use the Dark Hadou… Keep Reading

Butterfly and Sword

This kung fu film from 1993 is another wuxia film packed with wire fu and gravity defying action. The move is based around a group of assassins known as Happy Forest.  The leader of Happy Forest is Lady Ko, played by Michelle Yeoh.  Ko’s brothers and sisters are ‘sworn’ siblings and are of no blood… Keep Reading


Ever been kicked in the groin?  Hurts like hell.  Well apparently you can train to take it! This video of the week is from sport science, while the theme is a little crude I’m sure you’re curious enough to see what happens when they get a massive professional fighter kick this man with the “invincible… Keep Reading



Ichi is a Japanese sword play film from recent years that follows in the tradition of Zatoichi – the blind swordsman. Ichi, like Zatoichi, is blind and a swordswoman, and she seems to face some problems on the road.  Naturally there are bandits and people who love to take advantage of the weak. The story… Keep Reading