Well, the name pretty much says it all.

If you visit or keep checking back at Martial Arts Action Movies.com, you’re gonna see information and reviews on the best martial movies, action movies and actors from around the world. Along with that, I intend on bringing interesting news, videos and anything that catches my eye, and has something to do with Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts Movie Industry is starting to slowly lose it’s support, first and foremost  I want to promote these classic and new movies to keep martial arts action movies alive! But we also love good explosions, gun fights and car chases.  So there’s a bit of the other stuff added into the mix.

Ultimately, this website is a part of a personal goal for me.

The Goal

To watch, review and discuss every single Martial Arts Movie in ‘The List‘.

What is the List?  The list is something I found online detailing a person’s opinion on what the top 250 greatest martial arts movies are.  I have a bit more detailed information on the list here, but ultimately it became a resource for me to find a good martial arts flick when I felt like watching some exciting action.

Through this list I have come to discover some awesome movies, martial arts actors and a whole new level of interest in martial arts movies.  So I started this website, to talk about all of these movies, watching them, roughly in order corresponding with the list.  I am not a list nazi, but it’s an interesting challenge to have a bit of fun.  As I go I’ll be watching other martial arts movies not on the list (and some before they’re due on the list), and then creating my own list!

My List…

After I review a movie, it will go onto my list, and over time I’ll create a personal list of what I consider to be the most entertaining of Martial Arts Action Movies.  So you can compare my opinions to that of the original list.

Wade McMaster – Owner / Creator

wade mcmasterWell first and foremost I’m just a guy who loves movies.

I grew up watching Bruce Lee movies and learning about his massively inspiring character.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked on everything to do with Martial Arts, especially movies.

I have a growing collection of Martial Arts Movies (aswell as many others!), and I take an active interest in watching these movies.

Secondly, I am a dedicated Martial Artist.

Throughout my life I’ve tried a little of everything.  A bit of Karate, Zen Do Kai, Tai Kwon Do, Kung Fu and others. I have a few years experience in Boxing and a Brown Belt in Aikido, but ultimately, I study Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (and have almost every day for the last 10 years).  I’m not the world’s greatest martial artist, but I’m dedicated and I have a good understanding of what I study.  I both teach and train very regularly, and love every minute!

Martial Arts is a lifestyle, I consider myself as dedicated as any serious Martial Artist, I train hard to perfect technique, increase fitness and empty my cup to what the world has to offer me.

This background is what gets me excited about martial arts movies.  Picking up small stylistic pieces of each film as well as the philosophies and message behind them is something I love to do, so I started Martial Arts Action Movies.com, so I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this as I do!

Have any further questions? Email me at wade[at]martialartsactionmovies.com !