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Jacky Wu Jing in Fatal Contact Music Video

Jacky Wu Jing from Fatal ContactIf you haven’t yet seen this movie, then check out this video we’ve put together and chances are you’ll want to watch it!  Fatal Contact is about a guy who starts fighting in an underground league to make a little extra cash.  Only thing is he’s a national kung fu champion.

Jacky Wu Jing is the main character, so you can expect some awesome martial arts action.  The song below is ‘Adrenaline‘ by Shinedown.  Check it out!

You can also get this movie on DVD (unfortunately not on Bluray!)

Fatal Contact for Region 1 DVD (Us & Canada)

Fatal Contact for Region 2 DVD  (UK, Europe, etc)

(Cannot find for Region 4! – I’m thinking a Region Free Player is in need…)

Katana Divider

Boyka saying 'Cool' in Russian

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