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Bryan Leung

Dreadnaught with Yuen Biao


Dreadnaught is a film about a boy and his cowardly ways named Mousy, played by Yuen Biao.  Mousy has been copping some crap from the towns folk since he has no stomach to stand up for himself but instead relies on his friend Foon (Bryan Leung) to do the talking. The pivotal point in this […] Keep Reading...

The Victim (aka Lightning Kung Fu) with Sammo Hung

The Victim

Today? Another Sammo Hung Kung Fu Comedy called The Victim or Lightning Kung Fu! Sammo Hung plays Fatty Chan Wing, who seems to be on the road searching for fights.  Why?  Because he promised his dead relatives that he would find someone who could defeat him in a fight and then become their student.  So […] Keep Reading...