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Chen Zhen

Bruce Lee / Chen Zhen vs the Karate School

Bruce Lee Chen Zhen

Another highly regarded fight by Bruce will this week's video - Chen Zhen fighting the Japanese Karate School in Fist of Fury (aka Chinese Connection). This is another great fight scene which shows a variety of ranges and moves and even some nice Nunchaku work - which was one Bruce's favorite weapons. This scene is […] Keep Reading...

Fist of Legend with Jet Li

Fist of Legend with Jet Li

You may or may not know, but this movie is actually a remake of Fist of Fury with Bruce Lee (common knowledge).  Although it is quite similar to the original in a lot of ways, there are also differences that make it stand up quite well on it's own. Chen Zhen (played by Jet Li), […] Keep Reading...

Fist of Fury with Bruce Lee

Fist of Fury with Bruce Lee

Finally - the first movie review from 'The List' - Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury (hells yeah!).  It was made in 1972, and recorded in Mandarin - unfortunately not with Bruce's voice as he didn't speak Mandarin (his native language was Cantonese). Fist of Fury is the first movie to feature the iconic character Chen […] Keep Reading...

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