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Scott Adkins

Extreme Challenge

Extreme Challenge Movie Poster

Extreme Challenge is a movie about a crazy internet show that pits the world's best martial artists against each other with a series of challenges and fights. The challenge starts off with a large range of people, but most importantly you've got four main players - The current Champion Ian Maxfield, a young woman named […] Keep Reading...

John's in trouble! Universal Soldier with Scott Adkins

The latest serving from the Universal Soldier movies has had a surprising response in the action movie community.    People everywhere are saying it's miles above the other films in quality, with some people calling it quite possibly the action movie of the year - so naturally I was excited to watch it! It wasn't […] Keep Reading...

El Gringo with Scott Adkins

El Gringo Poster

Fans of Scott Adkins will know the name of this film - El Gringo! What's a Gringo you ask?  It's a derogatory term for a white English speaking person. So we start off with the Gringo, played by Scott Adkins, is entering Mexico with a bag that contains 2 million dollars. After his fellow DEA agents being […] Keep Reading...

Special Forces with Scott Adkins

Scott Adkins in Special Forces

Out comes another movie to cross off the Isaac Florentine and Scott Adkins list - Special Forces. This is a pretty standard action flick with good touches of martial arts action throughout from a fair few of the actors.  The movie is about a Special Forces team lead by Major Don Harding (Marshall Teague).  When it […] Keep Reading...

The Shepherd: Border Patrol with Van Damme & Scott Adkins

Shepherd Poster

The Shepherd: Border Patrol is an action/martial arts movie starring both Van Damme and Scott Adkins. You've got Jack Robideaux, a ex cop from New Orleans who has come to New Mexico with his pet rabbit, taking a job to help protect the border.  While patrolling the border, Jack starts to notice a few things […] Keep Reading...

El Gringo with Scott Adkins (Fan Review)

El Gringo with Scott Adkins

Hey guys, In the past I've had people send me emails asking if they could share their thoughts on a movie.   Every so often I open the stage up for a fan to put their own review up for people to read. The following review is for the movie El Gringo, and it's been written […] Keep Reading...

More roles for Scott Adkins

Little over a week ago I went and watched the Expendables 2.  After that experience I loved the movie (and of course reviewed it!), but ultimately it made me realise what needs to happen with Scott Adkins - he needs more leading roles in order to give action fans all over the world what they […] Keep Reading...

Let’s get more lead roles for Scott Adkins!

Get Scott Adkins more Leading Roles

There are far too many Scott Adkins fans out there to ignore.  With the success of the Undisputed movies and Boyka in terms of fan reception, it's hard to ignore who the next big action / martial arts movie star needs to be - our man Scott Adkins! With the release of Expendables 2, it […] Keep Reading...

The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2

So I've been waiting for some time, and I managed to get off my ass and watch The Expendables 2! In case you haven't heard the Expendables are a group or Mercenaries who take on delicate missions that require discretion and precision ands then go around blowing shit up and kickin' ass eighties style instead […] Keep Reading...

Undisputed 3 with Scott Adkins

Undisputed 3 Poster

There's massive hype behind this movie and I think rightfully so.  As far as action movies go this has some of the best fight scenes of any movie made in the last 15 years, with an unforgettable main character (Boyka!)  and a pretty cool setup that gets you ready for a variety of awesome fights. […] Keep Reading...

Michael Jai White Video Tribute

Michael Jai White as George Iceman Chambers

This video is one of ours!  It was put together last night showing bits and pieces of Michael Jai Whites movies. This song is a little littler heavier than normal, its Step Up by Drowning Pool and it has footage from Undisputed 2, Blood and Bone, Black Dynamite, Never Back Down 2 and Mortal Kombat Legacy. […] Keep Reading...

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