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Van Damme

No Retreat, No Surrender with Van Damme

No Retreat No Surrender

Being the new kid in town can be tough, but it'd be even tougher if you were dealing with bullies who were all karate black belts who fought successfully in competition!  This is the problem of Jason Stillwell, played by Kurt McKinney. The movie starts with Jason attending one of his father's karate classes.  Afterwards, […] Keep Reading...

Kickboxer with Van Damme


Here's a classic, it's a good ol' Van Damme film called Kickboxer - made a few years after what his arguably his top film - Bloodsport. Van Damme is back in usual pretty boy fashion, only this time he enters as a fighter named Kurt,in the shadow of his brother, a US Kickboxing champion named […] Keep Reading...

Bruce Lee

So chances are if you like Martial Arts movies, you're a Bruce Lee fan. You've seen his 4 main films, know all the facts about him, maybe accidentally bought some Bruceploitation films and consider yourself a true hardcore fan. That's cool. Or maybe you've just discovered Bruce Lee and want more? Well, I've put together a […] Keep Reading...

Top 50 Most Iconic Martial Arts Movie Characters

Bruce Lee

We love the action, the cheesy lines and of course the fights.  But this excitement that Martial Arts movie fans find is heavily attributed to the actor and his persona; the character he or she plays. Memorable characters are a massive chunk of what make movies iconic and what build careers for actors. Most of the […] Keep Reading...

Top 20 Career Making Martial Arts Movies

Yuri Boyka

Career making Martial Arts films? These films have had the most impact on the careers of those in the martial arts movie industry. These are the films that took little known names and made them people who martial arts fans everywhere recognize aswell as adding something to the industry itself. So enough with the foreplay, […] Keep Reading...

Michael Jai White’s Top 9 Martial Arts / Action Movies

Michael Jai White in Skin Trade

When it comes to real Martial Arts skill in Movies, it's hard to ignore Michael Jai White. He's a man with a commanding presence, intimidatingly built physique, top persona and a martial arts background that is astonishingly world class - with 8 black belts and 40 years of training.  Also, it doesn't hurt that is […] Keep Reading...

Martial Arts Actors training styles

You know they're deadly.  You've seen them move and kick ass on screen performing incredible feats of acrobatic martial arts at a speed and intensity that you'd probably pass out from. But are they any good? (lol) More specifically, how did these Martial Arts actors become so skilled and powerful at what they do, which […] Keep Reading...

Celebrities with Black Belts

Celebrity Black Belts

Ever wondered which Celebrities out there have a Martial Arts background?  Well I saw this infographic over at MMAverse.com and thought it was pretty cool and worth the share.  Check it out! UPDATE:  I have a far more comprehensive list here, which is updated with many more names […] Keep Reading...

Bloodsport with Van Damme


One of Van Damme's earlier roles is also, in my opinion, one of his best.  Bloodsport (apparently) tells the story of Frank Dux. We're introduced to Frank Dux, played by Van Damme, as he visit's his teacher Senzo Tanaka.  After the death of Senzo's son and Senzo claiming he would never train or teach his […] Keep Reading...

Dragon Eyes with Cung Le & Van Damme

Dragon Eyes movie poster

Dragon Eyes is the first movie in which UFC /MMA fighter Cung Le takes on a leading role. Backed up by Van Damme's big name, he manages a nice balance between himself and Van Damme's character to produce a pretty solid martial arts action flick. So Le plays Ryan Hong, an ex con who arrives […] Keep Reading...

Universal Soldier Regeneration Poster

Since the first Universal Soldier, many movies have been made - some direct to TV (I have no plans on watching and reviewing these), some to DVD (The Return) and now Regeneration (just before the latest - Day or Reckoning) which puts together the original stars Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren! But this […] Keep Reading...

20 Must See Martial Arts Movies from the last 20 years


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