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Van Damme

Top 75 Martial Arts Movie Stars and their Training Backgrounds

Martial Arts Actors training styles

You know they're deadly.  You've seen them move and kick ass on screen performing incredible feats of acrobatic martial arts at a speed and intensity that you'd probably pass out from. But are they any good? (lol) More specifically, how did these Martial Arts actors become so skilled and powerful at what they do, which […] Keep Reading...

Celebrities with Black Belts

Celebrity Black Belts

Ever wondered which Celebrities out there have a Martial Arts background?  Well I saw this infographic over at MMAverse.com and thought it was pretty cool and worth the share.  Check it out! UPDATE:  I have a far more comprehensive list here, which is updated with many more names […] Keep Reading...

Bloodsport with Van Damme


One of Van Damme's earlier roles is also, in my opinion, one of his best.  Bloodsport (apparently) tells the story of Frank Dux. We're introduced to Frank Dux, played by Van Damme, as he visit's his teacher Senzo Tanaka.  After the death of Senzo's son and Senzo claiming he would never train or teach his […] Keep Reading...

Dragon Eyes with Cung Le & Van Damme

Dragon Eyes movie poster

Dragon Eyes is the first movie in which UFC /MMA fighter Cung Le takes on a leading role. Backed up by Van Damme's big name, he manages a nice balance between himself and Van Damme's character to produce a pretty solid martial arts action flick. So Le plays Ryan Hong, an ex con who arrives […] Keep Reading...

Universal Soldier Regeneration Poster

Since the first Universal Soldier, many movies have been made - some direct to TV (I have no plans on watching and reviewing these), some to DVD (The Return) and now Regeneration (just before the latest - Day or Reckoning) which puts together the original stars Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren! But this […] Keep Reading...

John's in trouble! Universal Soldier with Scott Adkins

The latest serving from the Universal Soldier movies has had a surprising response in the action movie community.    People everywhere are saying it's miles above the other films in quality, with some people calling it quite possibly the action movie of the year - so naturally I was excited to watch it! It wasn't […] Keep Reading...

The Shepherd: Border Patrol with Van Damme & Scott Adkins

Shepherd Poster

The Shepherd: Border Patrol is an action/martial arts movie starring both Van Damme and Scott Adkins. You've got Jack Robideaux, a ex cop from New Orleans who has come to New Mexico with his pet rabbit, taking a job to help protect the border.  While patrolling the border, Jack starts to notice a few things […] Keep Reading...

The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2

So I've been waiting for some time, and I managed to get off my ass and watch The Expendables 2! In case you haven't heard the Expendables are a group or Mercenaries who take on delicate missions that require discretion and precision ands then go around blowing shit up and kickin' ass eighties style instead […] Keep Reading...

Universal Soldier the Return

Van Damme returns as Luc Deveraux, but this time as a mere mortal fighting off Unisols gone mad! So basically, Luc is back trying to help the Universal Soldier Project as one of the key members behind the scenes.  The super computer S.E.T.H  (played by Michael Jai White) controls and gives the orders to all […] Keep Reading...

Van Damme’s Six Bullets Trailer

Six Bullets with Van Damme

Van Damme's got another movie another movie on the way called Six Bullets! Van Damme plays Samson Gaul, a veteran mercenary who knows that in the heat of battle, every bullet counts. After some bad experiences he riters from the game, but is hired by Andrew Fayden (Joe Flanigan, Stargate: Atlantis) to find his daughter. […] Keep Reading...

Universal Soldier with Van Damme & Dolph Lundgren

Universal Soldier Movie Poster

Some 'old skool' Jean Claude Van Damme! This movie isn't really as much a 'Martial Arts' movie as a straight out Action / Sci Fi - but Van Damme uses some cool stuff alongside with Dolph Lundgren.  One of the interesting things I noticed was Michael Jai White in first few minutes of the film! […] Keep Reading...

20 Must See Martial Arts Movies from the last 20 years


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