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Donnie Yen Finding the best martial arts movies can be difficult at your local DVD/Movie store (it is for me – I live in a small town), so I find it easier to track down the more difficult movies online. Depending on which country you come fro, you may be affected by regional coding (protection against importing movies form another country – more info on your region here).  So you need to know where you can buy movies from, or get your hands on a region free player (worth their weight in gold if you’re outside the US).

Here is where I usually find movies online.


amazonRegion 1 DVD & Region A Bluray
(US & Canada)

Amazon has the biggest range of DVDs and Blurays in the world.  If you can’t find it here, you won’t.  Some of the other bigger movie stores actually list all of their movies and sell through Amazon.  An excellent place to find the rarer movies out there.

Check out their Martial Arts Section here…


Region 2 DVD & Region B Bluray
(Bluray for UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Greenland, French territories, Middle East)
(DVD for UK, Europe, Japan, South Africa and Middle East)

Amazon.co.uk is the very best choice for most people outside of America. The range isn’t as big as Amazon.com, but it’s still quite big.  There are a fair amount of good titles being released by CineAsia that you can find here, including some of the best offerings from China.  An excellent place to find the movie you’re after.

If you’re from Australia or New Zealand, you’ll find movies are abotu a third of the price on Bluray at Amazon.co.uk and are the same region.

Check out their Martial Arts Section here…


Region 4 DVD
(Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America)

While you can buy Blurays from EzyDVD, The prices aren’t great, but they’re your best choice for tracking down hard to get DVDs in Region 4.  They have a massive range and excellent service.

Watch Movies Online

If you’re from the UK, US or Canada, you also have the option of streaming movies over the internet using Netflix.  They are an online movie service that’s become massively popular.  Check out the website for more info!

Netflix UK/Ireland – get a free 1 month trial here
Netflix US – get a free 1 month trial here
Netflix Canada 

Watch Netflix Movies on Your TV with Roku


For more information on DVD & Bluray Regions click here

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